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Practical training based on Smart Manufacturing Case

Recent Training Course Series

9.  Online Query of Training Schedule (Training Course Plan)

Each class plan should be posted as early as possible, website: Note that the domain name does not accept the points of industry 4.0 (.) Therefore, the bar (-) is used instead. You can go directly to COM, or the training part of industry 4.0( Also see Training overview.

8.  PPT Summary of More Than 100 Training Courseware (Based on More Than 200 On-site Project Cases)

A summary of more than 100 training courseware PPT contents based on more than 200 intelligent manufacturing cases completed in Germany, the United States, South Korea and China. Each courseware can be used for 2 class hours, including the content of ppt on each page of this set of courseware.

7.  Practical Training of Intelligent Manufacturing Based on Project Cases - Become Highly Paid Experts and Improve Enterprise Profits

This is a technical paper on this training, which was written at the invitation of a magazine. It introduces more than 200 cases of intelligent manufacturing projects and millions of pages of technical resources involved in the training. This paper illustrates that Chinese engineers are weaker than expected in engineering modeling, machine learning and intelligent system architecture development in the main field of intelligent manufacturing, and China's market demand in this field is very strong (for example, China's talent gap in the field of intelligent manufacturing is 3 million in 2020), so there is an urgent need for a whole year of intelligent manufacturing training. This article also lists about 50 courses of intelligent manufacturing training. At present, China has done little in Intelligent Manufacturing in the main battlefield except the head and tail. This training is of great value in becoming highly paid experts and improving enterprise profits! Students only pay an annual fee equivalent to 1 / 10 of the cost, they can listen to all courses and participate in the video conference of enterprise intelligent manufacturing problem diagnosis and consultation.

6.  More Than 200 On-site Intelligent Manufacturing Projects Involved in Lectures in 2021

The main trainer has developed benchmarking projects in on-site intelligent manufacturing projects in the past 30 years, such as BYD lithium battery intelligent manufacturing project, benchmarking projects in the United States, Germany and South Korea, etc. Detailed explanation of the project. Explain each project several times.

5.  Million Pages of Technical Materials for Intelligent Manufacturing Training Reference

In the early stage, the team collected millions of pages of technical materials in major libraries in Germany, the United States, Canada and other countries. For example, in 2019, the team downloaded more than 200 technical books related to industry 4.0 (PDF version) at the University of Aachen, Germany. It was originally planned to use a large amount of these materials for the development of engineering technology websites (such as, which were used for training reference because of the strong market demand for intelligent manufacturing training.

4.  Intelligent Manufacturing Training is An Effective Way to Improve The Employment Rate of Graduates

This course focuses on students who are still studying in colleges or are about to graduate. We believe that the main reason for the low employment rate is that the professional scope of graduates is too narrow to meet the needs of enterprises. The key problem of Chinese schools for a long time is that the division of majors is too fine. It is difficult for graduates to quickly adapt to multi-disciplinary integration when they arrive at the scene. As the key of intelligent manufacturing, multi-disciplinary integration is precisely the urgent demand of China's manufacturing scene. The demand of manufacturing industry for multi-disciplinary integration such as process, product, equipment, model, software, automation and data acquisition is the most difficult part for fresh graduates to adapt to, because when graduates are in school, they either study this major or that major, but they are not competent for the overall integration of these majors. This makes it take a long time for graduates to be competent after entering the work, which increases the burden on enterprises and greatly reduces the demand for early graduates. The training of intelligent manufacturing provides students with learning ideas and important ways of multi-disciplinary integration. Just as the lecture focuses on a series of methods that have been explored by trainers for decades to quickly become multinational multi-disciplinary experts, and continue to improve on this basis! Based on multi-disciplinary integration, intelligent manufacturing has become a key measure to solve the problems of manufacturing industry. Therefore, people with intelligent manufacturing background can not only get employment, but also get high salary quickly. For example, the salary is about 50% higher than that of the existing level (usually 30-100%, which can be increased by ten times after becoming an expert); In 2020, China's intelligent manufacturing talent gap is about 3 million!

3.  Practical Training of Intelligent Manufacturing: Application of Artificial Intelligence in Intelligent Manufacturing

Taking industrial AI technology as the core, this course introduces AI and its technical basis, application scenarios and practical cases in manufacturing industry, looks forward to the future development trend, and helps students establish a three-dimensional and comprehensive industrial AI knowledge system, combined with their own background knowledge and work experience, Extract several typical cases from the existing application scenarios for in-depth analysis, and master the project ideas and application value; In particular, it enables students to have a real understanding of what intelligent manufacturing is, the main problems and solutions of intelligent manufacturing. For example, it can effectively avoid the failure of intelligent production line projects with investment of hundreds of millions of yuan because many enterprises do not know what intelligent manufacturing is, as well as the four key problems that must be solved to realize the success of intelligent manufacturing of Chinese enterprises! With the help of the training of practical projects, students can basically obtain the preliminary methods to solve the intelligent manufacturing problems of their own enterprises. Applicable objects: CEOs, CTOs, technicians, R & D personnel and production managers of manufacturing enterprises engaged in intelligent manufacturing decision-making and execution. Specifically, leaders in charge of intelligent manufacturing, decision makers of factory intelligent manufacturing, as well as experts and technicians engaged in intelligent manufacturing.
2.  Model Training: Rolling Process Model and Rolling Mill Technology Development

Model Training: Steel Rolling Process Modeling and Mill Development

The training consists of twenty modules. Each module has Lessons on fundamental topics, and a Lab for performing hands-on excises. The work on steel rolling process modeling and mill design requires large amount of hands-on calculation and data processing, so this type of Lab excises is necessary for high-quality training.
1.  Introduction to Mr. Li Bingji of China Industry 4.0 Network

German doctor of Engineering (model / AI), with practical working experience in process, material, equipment, data acquisition, model and automation;

American software doctor (software architecture / Development), with practical working experience in software architecture, machine self-study and software development;

30 years of experience in Intelligent Manufacturing in Germany, the United States, China and South Korea; Self consultation and development of more than 100 projects, leading the team to develop more than 100 projects, a total of more than 200 projects; Familiar with intelligent manufacturing site;

He has given more than 30 training lectures.



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